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About Us

Future School is a global leader in the development of educational software, online tutoring and home schooling courses. Maths and English help is also available for students wanting help with homework, preparing for examinations, or revision for the classroom.

Future School online learning system supports your entire family in both the classroom and the home utilising only qualified teachers to ensure its educational services are second to none.

The learning materials are developed by experienced qualified teachers and the delivery system uses the latest technologies to ensure that the program works every time for your entire family, or school, whether you are a student, a parent or a teacher.

When registering, each child, or student, is provided with their own individual study program, which is aligned with their state or regional curriculum.

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Our program is engaging and user friendly for every age group (K-Y12). Each lesson has important elements to ensure total understanding by the student, before they progress to the next lesson.

  1. Pre-Test provides assessment and practice;
  2. Full video tutorial with complete process and application of the lesson;
  3. Examination using randomised questions to ensure:
    • a thorough consolidation of the content;
    • demonstrated retention; and
    • the identification of knowledge transfer.

All lessons are monitored and provide the student and parents with immediate feedback and advice.

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