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Future School - The perfect choice as a classroom assistant or teacher's support tool

Future School has developed curricula specifically aligned to schools systems throughout the world and is aligned to the syllabus and we have bench-marked the lessons against Key Stages and appropriate school years.

The Future School programs have been accredited throughout the world by governments, the Open Distance Learning and Quality Council (ODLQC) and Local Education Authorities for use by students and schools at all levels. The lesson materials can be distributed to your school by any Learning Management System (Learning Platform) that is capable of delivering SCORM compliant materials in-line with global educational standards and best practice, including being aligned with Curriculum Online (COL) specifications.

  • Future School enhances the teaching within schools by providing the appropriate tools to assist teachers to effectively monitor each student's progress both in the classroom and through homework activities;
  • The Online Learning Systems provide professionally developed lessons by experienced qualified teachers that can be presented via whiteboard technologies for whole of class or specific group support;
  • Where the teacher identifies special need requirements, specifically to create groups of learning address remedial or accelerated learning real-time teaching assistance;
  • Teacher and student confidence in the materials is paramount in determining positive outcomes, and the interactive capability of the lessons confirm immediately that they provide the monitoring and administration to effectively increase teacher/student interface by automating the tedious teacher tasks and dynamically updating students records with results and lesson outcomes; and
  • Teachers have instant access to student's results and can monitor pre-marked homework at the press of a button. Easy to access - easy to use - and as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 for both teacher and student.

To review a specific math curriculum that is appropriate for your school please select your Country link from the list below and follow the instructions attached to that country's curriculum to review the lessons for each specific year and trial any of the FULLY FUNCTIONAL sample lessons.

To find out more about Future School in your region or if you require our assistance in either clarification of the process or in speaking to your school, please contact our support team by simply clicking on the link provided, we are happy to help.
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Enjoy your Future School experience.