Future School


Since 1984, Future School has been developing learning materials for the two core subjects:

The content covers the curriculums for Kindergarten through to Year 12.

The Future School programmes have been accredited throughout the world by governments, the Open Distance Learning and Quality Council (ODLQC) and Local Education Authorities for use by students and schools at all levels and the lesson materials can be used by any Learning Management System (learning Platform) that is SCORM compliant.

  1. Select your Country/State or Region;
  2. Scroll through the comprehensive curriculum list available for each specific year within the selected region;
  3. Select any of the FULLY FUNCTIONAL FREE lessons to demonstrate the advanced online tutoring program; and
  4. Review the process:

The program incorporates proven teaching methods throughout all lessons and our courses utilise advanced standards of technology, whilst maintaining a 'one click' approach using our 1-2-3 easy to follow instruction set:

  1. Pre-test assesses the student's current knowledge base on the lesson materials.
  2. Tutorial provides a complete instruction using streaming video presented by a teacher.
  3. Exam ensures consolidation of the lesson by examining if the content has been understood and retained by the student.

Registration will provide the entire family with unlimited access to all the lessons in both mathematics and English grammar.

That's right! One low monthly payment covers the entire family.